Instructional Focus 2020


    Teachers with the support of  Murphy School leaders will regularly facilitate challenging, standards-aligned academic experiences that generate student engagement by encouraging perseverance through posing questions, strategic prompting and writing tasks that allow all students to develop a deep understanding of content. Teachers and school leaders will demonstrate growth mindset and engage in the very practices they seek to develop in their students.
     The Murphy School Instructional Focus was developed by the school's Instructional Leadership Team in conjunction with the administration and district level leaders. The focus helps define our instructional work for the school year. The focus is broad and it covers all classrooms at The Murphy School.  As a school, if we are successful with our focus, students will grow and prosper as learners. We want all stakeholders (students, parents, community members, teachers, staff, and administration) to understand our focus and understand ways to support the school community in achieving its goals. Each stakeholder group will have time to unpack the instructional focus so that everyone will be on the same page with making ALL Murphy students successful.