National Board Certification Support Program

  • National Board Certification, offered by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, is a voluntary performance-based assessment through which candidates demonstrate in-depth content knowledge and best teaching practices as measured against high and rigorous standards. 

    What are the benefits of becoming a National Board Certified Teacher?

    • National recognition as an accomplished teacher
    • Advanced teaching license option in many states
    • 4% salary increase
    • Six graduate credits option
    • Opportunities for teacher leadership
    • Deeper subject-matter knowledge
    • Greater instructional skills
    • Improved student learning

    For National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Teacher Certification Information:



    For questions pertaining to Massachusetts Department of Education National Board Subsidy contact:

    Deborah J. Walker


  • What do I need to qualify for National Board Certification?

    • Baccalaureate degree
    • Minimum three years teaching
    • Valid state teaching license for at least three years

    How do I start the process for National Board Certification?

    What is Jump Start and is it the right professional development for me?

    • Any teacher can attend Jump Start!
    • Gain understanding of Component 1 or 2 and a write up a detailed action plan
    • Allows teachers familiarize selves with standards and to measure their practice against a national standard

    For more information:

    What support can I expect as a candidate for National Board Certification?

    • Information sessions
    • Seminar and workshops
    • Support groups
    • Networking
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