• Last year at the Murphy we started BOW TIE TUESDAY and we will to continue the tradition this year.  The concept of Bow Tie Tuesday was originally created in an effort to inspire school spirit, increase morale and build team spirit among staff and students.  Last year a number of staff and students participated in bow tie Tuesday, which created a great sense of community and solidarity among those rocking their bow ties.

           It was amazing to see the students comparing their bow ties with the staff. When we are all rocking our Bow Ties it shows everyone that we of the Murphy are a cohesive unit, rarely do you see two of the same bow ties, therefore the bow tie allows each of us to celebrate and express our own individuality and diversity.  The goal this year is to build on last year’s success, an invitation has been extended to the Mayor and Superintendent to join us and rock their bow Tie on Tuesdays.

     Wear your bow tie on Tuesdays!  Encourage your students to wear them…. Lets build the Murphy Thunder community together.