Budget Office

  • The BPS Budget Office ensures that the $1.3 billion operating budget is equitably allocated and managed to yield the best results for our students.

    Who We Are

    The mission of the Budget Office is to accurately provide financial and strategic support to schools, the community and central offices. We aim to maximize, distribute, and safeguard the resources available to carry out the educational and support activities of the District. 

    What We Do

    The office’s primary responsibility is to serve as stewards of public funds and to develop sound fiscal management practices. In the Boston Public Schools, we are proud to offer schools more autonomy around budgeting and hiring than any another large school district in the United States. Parents, students, school leaders and teachers help set the long-term direction for each school.

    We are committed to excellence in all aspects of day-to-day operations to support the district’s educational and financial goals.