• Teachers - Welcome Session Checklist

    Welcome to the Boston Public Schools! Here you will find a New Employee Checklist for Teachers and a link to download all the new hire documents needed to ensure you are paid and receive employee benefits in a timely manner.

    Please plan to bring:

    • A Photo ID (passport or government issued photo ID. Must be original document, not a copy)

    • Social Security Card (Must be original document, not a copy)
      - To order a replacement card, visit www.ssa.gov/ssnumber

    • Proof of licensure from ELAR (if applicable)
      If your Massachusetts licensure is still pending at the time of your hire, it is your responsibility to supply OHC with documentation of your license by August 15th or your first day of employment (whichever is earlier).

    • Letter of Outside Service
      Per BTU contract guidelines a maximum of 3 years of outside service will be granted. It must be on letterhead and state/confirm the following:
      - Dates of employment
      - That you were a licensed, full-time teacher
      - That you taught at least 160 days per school year under contract

    • Official transcripts for undergraduate and any graduate work completed
      *Only hard copies of transcripts are accepted*
      - Undergraduate transcripts must state that the degree was conferred and include degree conferral date
      - A degree from outside the United States requires evaluation through the Center for Educational Documentation (CED) - please allow sufficient processing time: http://www.cedevaluations.com/application_form.html

    • Conflict of Interest Law/Ethics Training Certification (online)
      - To complete training visit http://www.muniprog.eth.state.ma.us
      - Print the certificate of completion and bring it with you to your Welcome Session

    • Fingerprinting receipt
      - Schedule an appointment at http://www.identogo.com/FP/Massachusetts.aspx
      - Use the BPS Provider ID: 00350000. Bring your receipt to your Welcome Session
      - Bring your receipt to your Welcome Session

    Forms to complete

    New teachers are required to complete these forms to the best of their ability in advance and bring them to their Welcome Session:

    1. Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI/SORI)
    2. Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)
    3. Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate (Form W4)
    4. MA Employee's Withholding Exemption Certification (Form M4)
    5. Direct Deposit Authorization Form with a voided check
    6. State-Boston Retirement System
    7. Employment Not Covered by Social Security (Form SSA-1945)
    8. Health Insurance Notification Form*
    9. (*If enrolling in a family health insurance plan, please bring birth certificates of children and marriage certificate for spouse.)
    10. Life Insurance Notification Form
    11. Beneficiary's date of birth and address required. Life insurance is mandatory if you enroll in health insurance and optional otherwise

    Review Policies and Trainings

    Please take a moment to review the following important Boston Public Schools policies and information. At your Welcome Session you will need to acknowledge receipt of each policy and a hard copy of these documents will be available.