About the Mary Lyon K-8

  • The Mary Lyon serves Boston students from kindergarten through high school.

    We are comprised of two schools, the Mary Lyon School, which serves students from K-8 and the Mary Lyon Pilot High school, which serves students in grades 9-12.

    Both schools are located on Beechcroft street in Brighton, and both offer inclusive education. Specifically, the Mary Lyon teaches all students together, providing nessecary accomodations and modifications to allow all students to achieve the same high academic standards.

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    The Students We Teach - A Narrative

    The Mary Lyon School was originally designed in September, 1992 as a barrier-free school which would include seriously emotionally disturbed students in regular education classrooms. The special needs students identified for entrance to our school, would have been enrolled in segregated, private 766 day or residential treatment facilities or admitted to child psychiatric units for acute care were they not enrolled at the Mary Lyon School. Every decision that our school community has made and will continue to make from organizing or schedules, to selecting our staff to solving instructional strategy dilemmas, has been made with our school's focus on mind.
    We strive to provide a high-quality instructional program for all of our students (the special needs students as well as their typically developing peers) so that they will be able to master the academic and social skills necessary to be successful in 21st Century workplaces. In our first stage of development, our school community was committed to developing successful strategies to support seriously emotionally disturbed students in regular education classrooms. In our present stage of development, our school community focuses on developing teaching strategies that enable all students, including those with complicated learning styles, to master at least grade level curricula.

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  • Principal

    Deborah Rooney

    50 Beechcroft St.
    Brighton, MA 02135
    United States