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     Photo of 7th Graders Visiting BioGen's Community Lab

    Our daily instruction focuses on engaging students in high-level reading and writing; rich discussions; and expeditionary learning.  We have an Advanced Work class in sixth grade, and we are now integrating Advanced Work curriculum into our Grade 4 and 5 classrooms.  City Year and Generations assistant teachers work in all ELA and Math classrooms, which allow us to have a very low student-to-teacher ratio in these key subject areas (generally as low as 6-to-1).  Additionally, all students receive targeted Math and ELA instruction on a daily basis to further support their growth.  With three computer labs and seven mobile computer labs, we are truly able to integrate 21st Century teaching and learning into our classrooms every day.


    While we have an extended day (an extra 30 minutes per day), we seek to further support our students outside of the school day.  We offer afterschool programming for all students with both an academic and enrichment component.  Throughout much of the year, we provide Saturday Math Academies to enable our students to further develop their core math skills.  We also offer Vacation Academies during February and April Break and our own school-run summer school.  In order to best prepare our students for Boston's exam schools, we run ISEE Prep classes in the spring and fall.  


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