The Mendell Family Council

  • What is the Mendell Family Council?

    The Family Council supports the principal and teachers to provide a dynamic, nurturing, and challenging academic environment for all Mendell students. In June, parents elect Family Council officers for a one-year term. Any parent/guardian may run for office. On the Mendell Family Council, families can connect with other Mendell families, learn about what's going on a the school, and make a difference in their child's school! 

    Who is the Mendell Family Council?

    ALL parents/caregivers of Mendell students are automatically part of the Family Council.

    What does the Family Council do?

    Classroom support – help teachers get the things they need and offer enrichment opportunities (by donating classroom supplies, showing appreciation for teachers and staff, and more!)
    Community building – work to assure that ALL Mendell families feel welcome and find meaningful ways to participate in the school community (with parent coffee hours, the welcome picnic, our year-end barbeque, communicating about volunteer opportunities, and more!)
    Fundraising – raise money to support and enrich our school (with the December Challenge, Spring Raffle. and more!).
    Outreach – spread the word about the Mendell to prospective families and throughout the community (through school tours, and more!).
    Facilities support – help take care of school grounds (by planting flowers, shoveling snow, watering the outdoor classroom, and more!).

    Family Council meets once a month at the Mendell. During the meetings families get to know one another, share information, brainstorm ideas, and plan events/activities. Much of the hands-on work is done outside of the monthly meetings. Family Council may be able to help with translation during meetings for non-English speaking parents and family members. 

    Family Council Teams

    Much of the work of the Family Council is done through small teams. Even if parents/guardians cannot attend meetings, they are invited to share their ideas and get involved! 

    Classroom: Support teachers in meeting the academic, social and material needs of students.

    Community Building: Assure that all Mendell families feel welcome and find meaningful ways to participate in the Mendell school community.

    Fundraising: Raise money to support and enrich our school.

    Outreach: Spread the word about the Mendell school to prospective families and throughout the community. 


    How can parents/guardians get involved in the Mendell Family Council?

    • Come to a Family Council meeting
    • Show up for a Mendell family event
    • Talk to a Family Council officer



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