• Student Expectations

    • Be Respectful.  This school is your community.  Show respect to yourself, your peers, your educators and your institution.  Students who are found to be disrespectful to other students, teachers or administrators will be subject to disciplinary action.
    • Be Resourceful. Cherish the educational opportunities available. You are here to learn.  Do your work, always.  This includes showing up to class on time, bringing the appropriate materials and a positive attitude. Use all available resources.  Read.  Use the library. Be inquisitive. 
    • Behave Appropriately. Know how and when to code switch.  Act in a way that is appropriate for where you are. Your conduct at WRA will be exceptional.  Obey all school rules.  Any disciplinary action in school will have serious consequences.
    • Be Proactive That means you must learn to anticipate and take care of problems before they get you into trouble.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help—in your studies, in your personal life, in whatever area might affect you in the WRA program.  The WRA staff and faculty are ready to assist you in any way possible. 
    • Embrace Difference. Smart people don’t always think alike.  Embrace differences in opinion, as well as differences in race, ethnicity, and gender.  When a conflict arises, speak with the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, or a Community Field Coordinator. 
    • Communicate Clearly.  You are expected to speak and write clearly and properly Seek clarity by asking and answering appropriate questions.
    • Be Assertive.  Always present your best self.

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