• Roslindale K-8 Pathway

    Over the past few years, Boston Public Schools has made a concerted effort to respond to families' requests for more accessibility to K-8 options for their children throughout the city of Boston, opening new K-8 schools and merging other schools to create seamless transitions for students. Families expressed a desire to strengthen the ties between Roslindale elementary schools and the Irving Middle School. 

    Roslindale K-8 Pathway
    The Boston School Committee adopted an admissions policy that provides priority admissions to the Irving Middle School for 5th grade students who attend the one of these elementary schools in Roslindale: 

    • Bates Elementary School
    • Conley Elementary School
    • Mozart Elementary School
    • Philbrick Elementary School
    • Sumner Elementary School

    Students from these schools are designated as part of a Roslindale school feeder pathway, which provides a priority, but does not require these students to attend the Irving Middle School. Families must still participate in the school choice lottery process, as this model is not an automatic feeder structure. This second highest priority follows sibling preference, which is the first and highest priority for enrollment.

    Roslindale K-8 Pathway Brochure