• Humanities, at USA, explore the cultural, social, political and economic trends in US and world history.  We look at relationships between groups in various societies and analyze the causes and effects of decisions and actions that affect groups in positive and negative ways.  We look at the strategies groups in power use to stay in power and the strategies oppressed groups use to overcome the hardships of being outsiders in their homelands.  In addition, we notice the far-reaching effects of choices that change the international climate and garner opposing and agreeing worldviews.  Each grade evaluates the successes and failures of societies from the past and how they relate to current issues at home and abroad.

    USAEL, Urban Students Achieving Empowerment through Leadership,formerly called AVID, incorporates AP support and college readiness training.  USAEL builds student skills in writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading resulting in student success across content areas. Equally important, the course focuses on developing a strong cohort of young leaders in the school community and beyond. Being in USAEL is a multiyear commitment.  Students can apply to USAEL in their 9th grade and/or 10th grade year by teacher and student referral only.  It is expected that USAEL students who are on track with core credits will participate in AP classes by junior year. 


    Humanities at a Glance

    Humanities Glance


    9th Grade Humanities Team

    •   Shannon Kearney-MacCormack:  smaccormack@urbansci.net
    •   Yana Minchenko:  yminchenko@urbansci.net
    •   Erich Mueller:  emueller@urbansci.net 
    •   Ivette Rivera:  irivera@urbansci.net
    •   Craig Sweeney:  csweeney@urbansci.net

    10th Grade Humanities Team

    •   Amy Eisenschmidt:  aeisenschmidt@urbansci.net 
    •   Juliet Buesing:  jbuesing@urbansci.net 
    •   Greg Burgess:  gburgess@urbansci.net
    •   Christine Sand:  csand@urbansci.net  
    •   Eric Summerville:  esummerville@urbansci.net 

    11th Grade Humanities Team

    •   Tana Becker:  tbecker@urbansci.net 
    •    Isabel Perez:  iperez@urbansci.net 

    12th Grade Humanities Team

    •   Ling-Se Chesnakas:  lchesnakas@urbansci.net 
    •   Siobhan Franco:  sfranco@urbansci.net 
    •   Julie Wright:  jwright@urbansci.net 


    •   Brigetta Johnson:  bjohnson@urbansci.net