• Welcome to the Gardner Pilot Academy!

    Located in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, Gardner Pilot Academy is a full-service community school that serves nearly 400 students in pre-kindergarten (K1) through grade 8. Our school provides outstanding education and support to students from 7:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. every day, with regular school hours between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

    To achieve the school's mission of academic excellence for all students, Gardner Pilot Academy (GPA) provides high-quality teaching, along with a range of social, emotional, and enrichment programs.

    GPA maintains strong relationships with dozens of community partners - including universities, physical and mental health providers, and non-profit enrichment, recreation, and arts organizations - that actively strengthen GPA's ability to teach and enhance student learning.

    As part of the network of pilot schools, similar to charter schools but part of the Boston Public Schools, GPA is exempt from many district and union regulations. Pilot status gives the school autonomy to offer innovative curricula, assessment, interventions, and a school culture that supports high expectations and achievement.


    “Innovation and Excellence”


    Gardner Pilot Academy educates the minds and develops the character of all students in partnership with families and community to ensure all children become socially responsible and achieve academic excellence. 


    The mission of Gardner Pilot Academy is to provide quality learning and social opportunities for our diverse student body, engage families, and offer health and community services through innovative programs and partnerships.



    Expectations for Behavior

    Our core values are explicitly taught in each classroom and reinforced through HIGH FIVE.  HIGH FIVE is based on the theory of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). The goal of implementing a school wide positive behavior system is to create a school environment that a) teaches students skills to behave appropriately, b) positively acknowledges students engaging in those behaviors, and c) provides consistency and stability in interactions among students and staff members.  The school will hold monthly assemblies to celebrate the accomplishments of our community, recognizing students who have earned the most “high five hands” that month as well as other notable student achievements. We welcome families to attend these assemblies and will be reaching out to our community to participate in various assemblies throughout the year. 


    Hive Five Griffin 



    Promote Kindness

    Respect self and others

    Include everyone

    Demonstrate Responsibility

    Excel everyday 


    GPA Scholars are Kind, Caring and Inclusive




    The Gardner is a Pilot School within Boston.  Pilot Schools were intended to provide models of educational excellence that help to foster widespread educational reform in all Boston public schools.” Pilot Schools are unique public in that they have greater control over many aspects of school organization than other schools.  Pilots have flexibility in budget, staffing, organization of the school day, school calendar, governance, curriculum and educational mission.  GPA operates under a governing board comprised of parents, teachers, community members and university partners.  


    What makes GPA unique? Exploring our Full Service Model. 

    GPA bring educators, families, and community partners together to offer a range of opportunities, supports, and services to children and their families and communities. Within the GPA building we offer students and their families expanded learning opportunities that are motivating and engaging during the school day, after school, and in the summer and offer Essential health and social supports and services while engaging families and communities as assets in the lives of their children and youth.


    Key Priorities:


    • Promoting high expectations and academic achievement for all
    • Establishing a community of learners (staff, students, parents and community) driven by a shared vision and a shared responsibility
    • Explicitly teaching and fostering respect for human differences
    • Addressing the needs of the “whole child” to support their cognitive, social, emotional, moral, cultural and physical development

    Within our full-service model, GPA provides the following programs and services to our students, families and community:

    • Adult Education for parents and the community
    • After-school Programming/ Before School Programming (YMCA)
    • Family Programs (MindMatters, Technology Goes Home)
    • Friday Arts Initiative (Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK), Playworks, and Young Audiences of Massachusetts (YAMA))
    • Music opportunities in after school (Boston String Academy, Boston College School of Music, Crescendo Program through Boston Philharmonic Orchestra)
    • Health Services (Charles River Community Health)
    • Vision Services (New England Eye-on-Sight Mobile Vision Clinic)
    • Dental Services (Smart Smiles)
    • Mental Health Services and Student Support (Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention (AIP), City Connects)
    • Mentoring (Harvard Business School, Boston College, Boston Partners in Education, Strong Women Strong Girls, Big Sisters)
    • Middle School Out of School Time (Robotics)
    • Physical Education (BOKS, Playworks, America Scores, Tenacity, Boston Ballet and DEA Youth Dance)
    • Tutoring and ISEE Prep (Harvard Education Portal, Boston Public Schools)
    • University Partnerships (Harvard University, Boston College, Lesley University, Boston University, Tufts University, Wheelock College) 
    • 5 week Summer Enrichment Program