• Our Core Values

    High Expectations ~ High Support ~ Collaboration ~ Commitment ~ Respect ~ Community


    The Urban Science Academy prepares students for success in college and the workforce through rigorous and structured teaching and learning, high academic and behavioral expectations, school and family partnerships, and focus on fairness and equity. These factors combine to ensure that students achieve at high levels and develop into responsible and proactive citizens.


    The Urban Science Academy strives to be a learning community built on trust, respect, resilience, and courage. We diligently dedicate ourselves to develop intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, independent thought and reflective thinking, passion and creativity. Assuming responsibility for our actions and realizing our full potential, we strive to find our place in the world and leave prepared for lifelong learning and real-world challenges.


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  • Interim Headmaster

    Darlene Marcano

    Assistant Headmaster

    Charles Cauley

    1205 VFW Parkway
    West Roxbury, MA 02132

    Phone: 617-635-8930
    Fax: 617-635-7895