The Murphy Leadership Team

  • The Murphy School is united in its goals of providing a high quality education for every child that passes through its doors. Below are the talented individuals who support the teachers and the daily running of the school.  Each leader plays a role in making sure the Murphy is a first choice for families. Reach out to any of us so that we can support you in making sure your child gets the highest quality education. Please establish two-way communication with your child's teacher and know that we will be there to support the teachers and staff making sure the Murphy School serves all its children.  #cultureofwe

     The Murphy School has defined its Instruction Focus for the school year and we will be  making sure that teachers with the support of Murphy School leaders will create and engage students regularly in challenging academic tasks that require deep understanding of content and extended thinking and over time will encourage perseverance.By modeling growth mindset, teachers and leaders will be demonstrating the very practices they hope to foster in their students. Learn more about our Instructional Focus in the About Us Section of this website.  #MurphyMindset

Murphy School Administration

Position First Name Last Name Email Address
Principal Courtney Sheppeck
Assistant Principal Harry "Chuck" Gilliam
Assistant Principal Heela Roshan