BuildBPS December 2021 Update

  • K-6 & 7-12 Expansions 

    The district is continuing its plan to reconfigure schools towards more clear and predictable pathways for students, as passed by the Boston School Committee. Our goal is to increase the number of students making only one transition during their K-12 experience by reconfiguring more pre-K-6 elementary schools and 7-12 secondary schools while preserving strong K-8/9-12 options for families. Fifteen schools will expand from K-5 to K-6, and one school will expand from 9-12 to 7-12 in September 2022. See the complete list of schools below.

    K-5 Schools Receiving Grade 6 In SY22-23:

    • Phineas Bates Elementary School
    • Mozart Elementary School
    • John D. Philbrick Elementary School
    • Chittick Elementary School
    • Henry Grew Elementary School
    • Holmes Innovation School
    • John F. Kennedy Elementary School
    • Charles H Taylor School
    • Winship Elementary School
    • John Winthrop Elementary School
    • David A Ellis Elementary School
    • Blackstone Elementary School
    • Mendell Elementary School
    • Charles Sumner Elementary School
    • Mattahunt Elementary School

    9-12 Schools Receiving Grade 7 and 8 in SY22-23:

    • English High School

    Engagement Opportunities and Contact Information

    The BuildBPS team will provide dates for upcoming community engagement information sessions in January and February 2022. To find out more about these meetings, please visit our BuildBPS community engagement page. 

    For questions regarding school registration and school choice, Please call your nearest Welcome Center or visit to make an appointment at a Welcome Center. 

    For any other questions regarding BuildBPS, please contact us at

BuildBPS: 10-Year Educational and Facilities Master Plan


    BuildBPS is the 10-year education and facilities master plan for the Boston Public Schools (BPS), reflecting a $1 billion commitment from Mayor Martin J. Walsh. 

    BuildBPS aims to

    • Modernize schools to provide more spaces that facilitate 21st-century learning
    • Embark on the construction of new school buildings, expanding classroom seats in areas of the city with the most need
    • Minimize school transitions for students, adopting two preferred school grade configurations: K-6/7-12 and K-8/9-12
    • Ensure greater equity of program placement to meet the needs of English learners, students with disabilities, and other populations.

    View the BuildBPS Phase II report here.