• The basis of our program is to provide opportunities for physical, mental, social and emotional growth where coaches and athletes put forth their best performance in the arena of athletic competition. Commitment, dedication, and responsibility are the major ingredients to the success of our athletic program. It is critical that we work closely with Headmasters, Principals, and members of the Boston Public Schools community to develop and maintain these programs.

    The Director of Athletics is responsible for the organization and administration of the athletic program. Utilization of this office and the collaboration of efforts under the guidelines of the job responsibilities of Head Coaches as well as strict adherence to the rules and regulation listed in the M.I.A.A Blue Book will ensure the quality, credibility, and integrity of our program. 

    Boston Scholar Athletes and BPS High Schools

    bsa logo The generosity of community partners and non-profit groups allow the Boston Public Schools to offer strong academic and athletic programs in more schools than ever before. 

    Due to their unprecedented relationships and partnerships, the Boston Scholar Athletes Program (BSA) has experienced tremendous growth and impact in a short time. In the fall of 2009, they launched three "Zones" in three BPS High Schools.
    Zones are school-based learning centers designed and resourced to support and encourage academic excellence. The success of the initial learning centers sparked the need for others. With that in mind, BSA worked with Superintendent Johnson and individual Headmasters to secure one Zone in all 19 Boston Public High Schools.
    The Zones are staffed, managed, and funded by Boston Scholar Athletes, and are available for use during the day and after-school, by all potential and current scholar-athletes. Zones are dedicated spaces that foster and facilitate learning and education. They offer students a quiet, safe place to study, idea share, and connect with their teammates, peers, coaches, and teachers. Zones also celebrate academic and athletic accomplishments of schools, teams and individual scholar-athletes as well. To learn more, watch their video! Other resources include:
    • Individual or group tutoring and mentoring
    • SAT preparation and support
    • College readiness training and information
    • Grade tracking and monitoring
    • Employment information and opportunities
    • Work stations equipped with laptops and internet access, Nooks and flash drives
    • Course work and class textbooks
    • Monthly forums on important issues for high school students
    • Improved relationships and strengthened camaraderie with teammates
    • Community service opportunities and events
    • Support to improve and maintain academic eligibility

    Play Ball! Foundation and BPS Middle Schools 

    playball logo The Play Ball! Foundation provides Boston middle school students with a chance to play, build friendships and character through the lessons of sports – teamwork, communication and discipline. With a single goal of Getting More Feet on the Field we work directly with Boston middle schools to understand the needs that our fundraising can address in an easy and timely manner.

            • In two seasons, Play Ball! middle school football provided 372 boys from the Irving, Rogers, Gavin Edwards, McCormack and Orchard Gardens with the opportunity to practice and compete in a six week season and attend a BC Football game, courtesy of Gene DeFillipo.
            • The six team spring baseball league had the Fredericks, Rogers, Gavin, Edwards, Jackson-Mann/Mary Lyons and the Dearborn on the field for over six weeks. The Gavin won the the first middle school championship and their pitcher had the honor of throwing out the first pitch at a September Red Sox game at Fenway.
            • Double Dutch began in Fall of 2010 with a six school league and the first ever Middle School Tournament. Play Ball! co-funded this league with the Red Auerbach Youth Foundation which brought together girls from the Irving, Gavin, Harbor, Young Achievers, Mildred Ave and Higginson-Lewis schools.
            • Spring of 2011 will find our baseball teams on the field again and a new volleyball league for middle school girls.

    Student Athletes: Laws and policies

    Head Injuries & Concussion

    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has passed new legislation that requires all student-athletes and their parents, as well as coaches, athletic directors, school nurses and physicians, to learn about the consequences of head injuries and concussions through training programs and written materials. The text of the law can be found at:

    Parent volunteers and parents/guardians of students who participate in any extracurricular athletic activity will receive more information from the school.

    Physical Examinations
    Every student athlete must have successfully passed a physical examination within thirteen months of the start of each sport season.