• Students in grades three through eight, and high school are expected to participate in the MCAS testing. The subject tests are intended to provide information to monitor student learning and mastery of content and skills in various academic areas which helps inform classroom instruction and guides schools about where to focus future resources and services. 

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  • All students in grades K-12 identified, or provisionally identified, as an English Learner (EL) are required to participate annually in an assessment of the four domains of English language proficiency: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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Changes in place for Spring 2021 State Assessments Administration

  • Considering the COVID-19 pandemic this year, 

    • The MCAS testing time for students in grades 3 through 8 is being significantly reduced by students taking only one portion of the subject test this year. 

    For students in Grade 10, the MCAS testing window has been extended over a month. Passing the tenth grade MCAS tests is a state requirement for graduation for students who are seeking to earn a Massachusetts high school diploma. Every year, there are additional testing opportunities available to students who do not pass MCAS in previous administrations. It is recommended that students take advantage of every opportunity to pass MCAS before their senior year. 

    Students currently in grade 11 are not required to take MCAS this Spring. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved a limited extension of the modified competency determination (CD) requirements for ELA and mathematics to students in the class of 2022:  the CD in ELA and mathematics will be awarded upon district certification that the student earned full credit for a relevant course in that subject.

    Current juniors and seniors may still take the MCAS this spring to qualify for the Adams Scholarship and Koplik Certificate of Mastery. Juniors who do not participate this spring will be able to test for scholarships during the retest period in fall 2021.

    For information on MCAS subjects tested and specific testing time, please refer to the grade testing schedule. 


    • The ACCESS testing window has been extended through May 20, 2021.


Protocols for Spring 2021 State Assessments Administration

  • The ACCESS tests will be administered in-person at your child’s school, either on a computer or on paper. There is no remote testing option available for ACCESS administration. 

    The MCAS tests in grades 3 through 8  will be administered on computer, in-person to students who come in person to school and remotely to students who learn remotely through the end of the school year. Paper-based tests are available as an accommodation for students who are unable to take the computer-based test due to a disability. 

    The MCAS tests in high schools will be administered in-person at your child’s school, either on a computer or on paper. There is no remote testing option available for MCAS administration in high school due to the implications of these tests for graduation requirements.

    During the testing window, schools will follow all health and safety protocols on mask wearing, hand washing, safe distancing, and regular cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting

    For specific questions about the testing schedule for each test at your child’s school, please contact the school directly.


    The submission window for MCAS and ACCESS survey has closeD