• futureBOS

    Visit City of Boston’s futureBOS website today to apply to the thousands of summer jobs and internships in various industries in the city, from serving as camp counselors at Boston Centers for Youth and Families to interning in corporate offices. 

    The futureBOS team will also be hosting neighborhood job fairs, as well as WeHire events in June (where you could explore job opportunities and get placed in positions on the spot). 

    Apply for jobs and work this summer to build your professional skills, have fun, meet other young people and new mentors, and get paid for your work! 

    Note: If you have any questions about onboarding for your summer job, reach out to your counselor, family liaison, PIC career specialist, or the futureBOS team. Make sure to start your onboarding process as soon as possible. You can also see tips for onboarding here.


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