• Fire Sense Program

    Submit a Referral to Safety Services (BPS Staff Only)

    Ages 7-12: When there is an incident of arson at school, students ages 7-12 are eligible to attend a 1-day voluntary online Fire Sense educational program on Saturdays. Safety will work with families/caregivers to determine a date and time. 

    Ages 13-17: When there is an incident of arson at school, students ages 13-17 are required by the court to attend the 2-day Fire Sense program, regardless if the student was suspended for the incident or not. If the student is suspended due to an arson incident, it is recommended that you refer them to Succeed Boston's Supported Suspension Program in addition to the Fire Sense program.

    Fire Sense is held on Saturdays at Madison Park High Schools from 8am-12pm and familiy/caregiver consent is needed. 


    Referral Steps:

    1. School leaders must notify the Director of Fire Safety, Rick Deraney at rderaney@bostonpublicschools.org or (617.212.2397) to report the incident.
    2. Per BPS Superintendent's Circular FSE#2, school staff must also call 911 immediately if a fire of any kind is found in the school building. 
    3. School leaders must complete this referral form, which will be sent to BPS' Department of Safety Services. 
    4. Have the family/caregiver fill out this consent form. 
    5. Safety Services will follow up with the action that is the most appropriate to follow and dates will be scheduled with the referring staff member and family/caregiver.