Students in a classroom
  • Inclusion Model Classrooms

    Our classrooms proudly embrace the inclusion model, creating a supportive environment where students of all abilities learn and thrive together. In these classrooms, two licensed teachers collaborate to ensure exemplary instruction in core content, while paying close attention to the diverse learning needs of each student. Through this approach, every student is valued, supported, and included in their learning experience. Classroom configurations are tailored to optimize student visibility and facilitate adaptive instruction. Each middle school grade level boasts two inclusion cohorts. Our elementary grade levels typically consist of 1-2 cohorts, allowing for targeted support to address the unique educational needs of our students. 

  • Humanities

    Our middle school curriculum encompasses three distinct sections of the humanities. In 6th and 7th grade, students delve into ancient civilizations and world history respectively, utilizing the "Investigating History" curriculum. This curriculum is meticulously crafted to ensure that all students can relate to the content while also fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives and cultures. Through the use of authentic sources, students engage with complex topics such as racism and bigotry, facilitating meaningful discussions and the development of empathy towards different perspectives.

    In 8th grade, students shift their focus to civic engagement with the "Democratic Knowledge Project" (DKP) curriculum. DKP empowers students to actively participate in their communities, aligning with educational standards and instilling values of social responsibility. Developed by educators and researchers, this curriculum equips students with the necessary tools to enact positive change in society.

  • ESL

    Our ESL (English as a second language) curriculum is tailored to support students with diverse linguistic backgrounds, many of whom English is their second language. Student proficiency level is measured on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being the proficient. For students at levels 1 to 3, specialized ESL instruction is provided by literacy specialists. These students benefit from a fully immersive inclusion environment for all non-ELA classes through SEI (sheltered English immersion). During English blocks, specific instruction is offered to ensure targeted support for English learners, separate from students who are fluent. For students at levels 4 and 5, integration into the general classroom is facilitated although many students continue to receive additional support as needed.

  • STEM

    Our science curriculum engages students by investigating how and why phenomena happen in their everyday lives through hands-on exploration, observations and experiments. The STEM department prioritizes teaching students how to observe, think, and act like scientists. In K-4, students will explore natural phenomena such as Materials & Motion, Pebbles, Sand & Silt, Structures of life, and Energy. We proudly collaborate with the Latino STEM Alliance to provide opportunities for underrepresented students in STEM fields.  In middle school, we utilize the OpenSciEd curriculum, which offers engaging and rigorous science content aligned with national standards. Through our comprehensive science department, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and curiosity to become lifelong learners and active participants in the scientific community.

  • Physical & Health Education

    Through physical education and health classes, the McKay wellness department focuses on building student confidence through movement, social and emotional activities, and sport-specific skill building. Our health curriculum utilizes a skills-based approach which includes analyzing influences, decision-making, interpersonal communication, goal-setting, access to valid and reliable resources, self-management and advocacy. These skills are applied when learning about a variety of topics, which may include relationships, friendships, communication, fitness, self-esteem, nutrition, alcohol and drugs. We believe that physical education should exist beyond gym class; at the McKay, students have the opportunity to attend a number of events and organizations throughout their educational career. These partnerships include the Boston X-country Race, Yeti Indoor Rowing Championship, Community Rowing and Boston Bikes.

  • Visual Arts

    The mission of the visual arts department is to aid in the artistic creativity of students by teaching foundational art elements and principles. All grade levels create individualized projects based on instructed art techniques. Students are taught lessons in Surrealism, Principles of Design, Perspective, Color, Op Art, and Self Portraits among other topics. McKay’s visual arts department partners with The Institute of Contemporary Art in the Seaport District to provide hands-on extracurricular learning opportunities. Please see a list of our partners to view more information about the Boston ICA.

  • Theatre Arts

    Our school's theater arts program is a lively community where students come together to explore their creative sides. Each week, they gather to learn new skills and discover the joys of performance. Beyond the regular curriculum, our program stands out with its annual elementary musical, a cherished tradition that showcases the talents and dedication of our young performers. With a focus on fostering confidence, collaboration, and a love for the arts, our theater program enriches the educational experience, inspiring students to shine both on stage and in life.

  • Music

    The mission of the music department is to enrich the lives and development of our young people through music fundamentals and the performing arts. In middle school, students begin to develop instrument-based skills in ukulele, piano, guitar, drums, bass, and music technology. Our curriculum is rooted in popular and culturally relevant music in order to develop instrumental and rhythmic skills while engaging with diverse musical genres. Music at the McKay emphasizes performing, creating, connection, and responding to music. As part of our commitment to experiential learning, we partner with the local nonprofit Zumix to offer free workshops and an after-school ensemble for middle school students. Students also enjoy immersive experiences through field trips to the Boston Arts Academy. With a blend of tradition, technology, and engaging instruction, our music curriculum strives to inspire a love and appreciation for music in every student.