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    Cory McCarthy

    Chief of Students

    Cory McCarthy has a long history of working with urban youth. In his quest to change the societal narrative around underserved, underrepresented students and special populations, Cory has spent over a decade coaching and instructing young men and women to not simply utilize their athletic and academic abilities but to ensure 4-year college placement and graduation. He is also one of the most accomplished basketball coaches of color Massachusetts has ever seen with 5 state titles. Currently he serves as the Chief of Student Support in the Boston Public Schools. Formerly the Executive Director of School Improvement in the Providence Public Schools, Cory worked directly with Redesign and Comprehensive School Improvement schools to create systems and practices that lead to student achievement and continuous improvement. Formerly the Chief Equity Officer for the Everett Public Schools after serving a year as the Vice Principal of Everett High School, he has taken on numerous leadership roles as an Instructional Leader, Diversity and Equity & Inclusion strategic leader, School Vision, Culture and Climate and continues to advocate for students while bringing on weekend programs like LIVIUS, Financial Literacy and College & Career support for students. He was a critical member of New Mission’s administrative team and Director of School Culture and Climate. Cory’s passion, strategy, and tenacity helped lead the school to its designation as a winner of the 2012 EdVestors’ $100k School on the Move Prize, 2013 National Blue Ribbon School for Improvement, and the 2017 Title One Distinguished School Award.

    Cory McCarthy is both a charismatic and compelling speaker who has traveled the country representing the Boston Public Schools as part of the school redesign team, speaking at conferences such as ASUGSV Technology Summit in San Diego, and represented BPS as a speaker at the ESEA National Conference and COSEBOC in Boston, MA and New York. Additionally he has been a guest lecturer at Emerson College and UMASS Boston, speaking on the importance and value of having culturally competent and responsive educators. He was recently nominated by the Massachusetts State House Black and Latino Legislative Caucus for his work with black and brown students. Cory serves on the board of numerous non-profits and recently created a social justice program for middle schoolers in Boston while actively working as the Executive Director of the Urban Coaches Association.


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