• Meet Our Current Fellows

    Samantha Basile
    Principal Fellow at the Edison K-8

    "Our children are brilliant and it's a privilege to engage in this work. I am humbled to accompany them as they navigate and embrace their identity as academic achievers."

    Sam Basile Headshot

    Kimberly Kulasekaran
    Principal Fellow at the Carter and Quincy Elementary Schools

    "I do this work because, as Tanji Reed Marshall would say, "The calvary is not coming for our students." It is on us to have self efficacy that we can, we will, and we must provide high quality education to all students, especially those who have low incidence disabilities and high support needs. If we know better, we must do better."

    Kim Kalasekaran Headshot

    Rosa Esparza
    Principal Fellow at the P.J. Kennedy Elementary

    "As the daughter of immigrants, I have first handedly seen the power that education can have. I do this because I believe that parents/ families are our students' most important advocates and that we as a school have a deep responsibility to create communication channels that foster their child’s growth and development."

    Rosa Esparza Headshot

    Soyica Jackson
    Principal Fellow at the Winthrop

    “I am very grateful to Boston Public Schools and the Lynch Leadership Academy for the opportunity to learn, lead and serve in our schools. I am doing this work because I strongly believe in the potential of every child and the right of all of our children to have access to the best possible education we can provide. Our children are brilliant, exuberant and kind. They deserve to learn in safe and supportive schools that are designed to meet their diverse needs. Every child should have this right. I choose to lead to help make it so.”

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