• Supported Suspension Program

    This program is an alternative to at-home or in-school suspension. To refer a student, the school must hold a disciplinary hearing aligned with the Code of Conduct.

    Prior to attending this program, a Succeed Boston counselor will contact the family/caregiver via phone to complete an intake. Students must be marked as suspended in ASPEN.

    Submit a Referral (BPS Staff Only)

    Grades 6-12: Students may be referred for any violation of the Code of Conduct, as described in section 7. 

    • Click here to access section 7 of the Code
    • Click here to access the Code in its entirety

    All referrals must include the Code of Conduct notifications 3.1 & 3.6.

    • Students 15 yo. & younger may attend Succeed Boston for up to 3 days
    • Students 16 yo. & older may attend Succeed Boston for up to 5 days


    Students will receive individual counseling and educational programming specific to their referral, including but not limited to the following:

    • Bullying prevention and cyberbullying
    • Bias-based speech and behavior
    • Code of Conduct (arson, weapons, etc.)
    • Conflict resolution and healthy relationships
    • Violence prevention
    • Sexual misconduct
    • Substance use prevention