• Voluntary SUP: Substance Use Program (Tier 3)

    Our in-person programs are voluntary, not for students who have been suspendedStudents must be marked as present in ASPEN.

    Submit a Referral (BPS Staff Only)

    Grades 6-12: Succeed Boston provides a 3-5 day in-person program for students whose substance use has impacted their lives at school, at home, or in the community. Referrals to the Student Support/Success Team may come from the student, family/caregiver, or staff. 


    This program will provide: 

    • Individual meeting with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor (LADC1) to set goals and identify next steps for treatment
    • Skills to make better decisions regarding substance use
    • Referrals for treatment and/or wrap-around services
    • Individualized re-entry plan to home school
    • Follow-up visits to ensure successful student transition back to school
    • Ongoing consultations, support, and resources with school staff/SST