• Student Programs

    Succeed Boston @ the Counseling & Intervention Center provides social, emotional, educational, and decision-making skills to a range of BPS students in grades 3-12 in need of counseling and support services. Learn more about each of our programs below.

    Our trauma-informed care and restorative practices build trust with students and provide opportunities to reflect and strengthen their social emotional skills. Students receive individual and group counseling from licensed counselors that is tailored to their specific needs.

    Our work promotes positive decision-making related to conflict resolution, bullying and violence prevention, substance-use, and healthy relationships.

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    Last Dates for Student Programming:

    Middle School iDECIDE - 5.31.24
    Middle School Voluntary Workshop - 6.6.24
    High School iDECIDE - 6.7.24
    High School Voluntary Workshop - 6.13.24
    Elementary Online Workshop - 6.13.24
    Supported Suspension- 6.13.24