• Obtaining the MA State Seal of Biliteracy

    To obtain the MA State Seal of Biliteracy, students must meet the minimum graduation requirements, show language proficiency in English via ELA MCAS scores, and show an Intermediate High Level of language proficiency in an additional language. 

    Step 1Chalkboard

    Make sure to complete all the necessary Mass Core classes with a passing grade so that you are eligible for graduation from your high school.

    Step 2Person taking test

    Pass the ELA MCAS to show you are fluent in English. You must receive a minimum score of 472 - 500 (Seal With Distinction 501+) on MCAS.

    If you receive a score between 455-471 on MCAS, you must also complete an Educational Proficiency Plan and receive an overall composite score of 4.2 and a composite literacy score of 3.9 on the WIDA ACCESS test.

    A score of 4 or higher on the AP test and a 5 on the IB Exam will automatically qualify you to earn the MA State Seal of Biliteracy.

    Talk to you teacher or school counselor to help you determine if you qualify.

    Step 3Speach bubbles that say lets talk

    Talk to your teachers or school counselors to let them know that you would like to obtain the Seal of Biliteracy. They will help you to prepare for the language proficiency test.

    Step 4test paper

    Pass the additional language proficiency test. You can do this by taking either the AP exam, a STAMP Assessment, or complete a portfolio if your language does not have a pre-determined test. You must receive an Intermediate High score or higher on the STAMP Assessment or portfolio review and at least a 4 or higher on the AP Language test/or 5 or higher on the IB Exam.

    Step 5student graduating

    Celebrate - you've worked so hard! Before graduation, make sure you have your Seal of Biliteracy chords and Certificate! During graduation, you will be recognized for receiving the MA State Seal of Biliteracy, and your diploma and transcript will have the Seal insignia attached to them.

    Step 6paper with the word 'Danke' written on it

    Remember to pat yourself on the back and say thank you to your caregivers, teachers, and anyone that helped you on your journey of becoming bilingual!

    Step 7two people talking

    Show your MA State Seal of Biliteracy to college advisors to receive world language credit, military recruiters for higher pay, or at job interviews. Continue to develop your language proficiency in both languages and show the world how awesome it is to be bilingual!