Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot K-8

  • Young Achievers is a pilot school with a special focus on math, science and experiential education. Our seven hour school day embeds art, music technology and physical education into each child’s school day. Our small class size and high adult/child ratio are designed to meet the needs of all learners in an inclusive, anti-bias setting.

    Young Achievers is committed to social justice through access to the best possible public education for students. We work to ensure that everyone becomes proficient in math and science so they can pursue college preparatory math and science courses in high school. We believe an actively anti-racist school, committed to equity and social justice, will prepare our students for success in life, not just success in school.

    Our curriculum uses the rich resources of the “urban wilds” in our neighborhood at the Boston Nature Center, the Arboretum, Franklin Park Zoo and Forest Hills Cemetery. Our objective is to have each Young Achiever become stewards of the environment, translating our school-wide pledge “to make a difference in our school, our neighborhood, our city” into a reality of environmental activism.

    What makes our school special:

    • A math and science pilot school
    • Seven and a half hour extended day for all students
    • Small classes of 20-22 students, with 1-2 adults
    • Inclusive special education program
    • A family & community outreach coordinator (FCOC) who facilitates family involvement in governance and the school community
    • School based health center from Mattapan Community Health Center
    • Active wellness initiative
    • Home visits to each new kindergarten and first grade student
    • Homework help and daily interventions to help children master grade level standards
    • Acceleration Academy during February (ELA) and April (Math) vacations.
    • Music, art, physical education, chess, martial arts, dance.

    Special academic programs:

    • Special Education: K0/K1Early Childhood inclusion program Learning Adaptive Behavior (LAB) program, grades 6-8
      English Language learners: Sheltered English Instruction (SEI), K1-grade 4

    Our partners:

    • Children’s Services of Roxbury, Boston Teacher Residency, The City School, Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound, Full Service Community School Round Table, Mattapan Community Health Center, Berklee College of Music, Playworks, Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Club, Friends of the Children

    Before and after school programs in our building:

    • Before school, 7:00-8:10 am: enrichment program run by our Extended Learning and Enrichment Program staff; sliding scale, child care vouchers accepted.
    • After school: from 4:00-6:00 pm with STEM programming, tutoring and homework help. The program has two specialized components:
      HASP program: intensive tutoring and homework help program for students in grades 6-8
      Kindergarten-grade 5: Monday-Friday, 4:30-6:00 pm
      Fees:Sliding scale; child care vouchers accepted.

School Data


  • Principal
    Sean Guthrie

    20 Outlook Road
    Mattapan, MA 02126 United States

    Phone: 617-635-6804
    Fax: 617-635-6811

    School Hours
    8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.

    Early Dismissal, the day before Thanksgiving and last two days of school: 2:15 p.m.

    Grades: K1-8
    Level: K-8
    School Type: Pilot