The BPS Communications Division aims to amplify the work of the district visually with clarity, equity and intention. We share the Communications Memo which helps to guide BPS departments, staff and divisions on how to approach communications, content and media relations.

    When we talk about BPS, we either say Boston Public Schools or BPS. As we talk about departments, we always capitalize offices and divisions (i.e., The Office of Human Capital, The Office of Capital Planning). The Communications Division advises on branding for a variety of projects ranging from fliers to campaigns.

    We are committed to advancing racial equity. This means that we work to make sure that all of our work is translated into the 10 major languages; English, Arabic, Cape Verdean Creole, Chinese, French, Haitian Creole, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

    This commitment informs our approach to newsletters, social media and photography. We want to showcase inclusion and the rich diversity of our school community. We also want to ensure that our images, posts and words showcase the positive story of our district. BPS students sign a media release form at the beginning of the school year that gives permission for them to be featured on camera and on digital streams.  The Communications Division contacts the School Leaders to confirm releases on file for major events or press stories.

    The BPS Communications Division works with subject matter experts to ensure that we have the information we need on background so that we can position the district to do the work that is needed to provide a high quality public school education experience for families and students across the district.


    Our colors define our brand; They are bright, bold, and confident. The BPS main color palette consists of a royal blue “jumping boy” followed by navy blue text, with supporting tones and accents when necessary. CMYK is used when printing, while RGB and HEX codes are to be used digitally.

    Main Colors

    BPS Primary Blue

    Primary Blue - Hex: #286eb7 | RGB: 40, 110, 183 | HSB: 211, 78, 72 | CMYK: 78, 39, 0, 28

    BPS Secondary Blue

    Secondary Blue - Hex: #203967 | RGB: 32, 57, 103 | HSB: 219, 69, 40 | CMYK: 68, 44, 0, 59


    Accent Colors

    BPS Accent Orange

    Accent Orange - Hex: #D43900 | RGB: 212, 57, 0 | HSB: 16, 100, 83 | CMYK: 0, 73, 100, 16

    BPS Secondary Orange

    Accent Yellow - Hex: #e99a4f | RGB: 233, 154, 79 | HSB: 29, 66, 91 | CMYK: 0, 33, 66, 8

    BPS Accent Blue

    Accent Blue - Hex: #bde0ec | RGB: 189, 224, 236 | HSB: 195, 20, 93 | CMYK: 19, 5, 0, 7

    BPS Accent Blue

    Green New Deal - Hex: #a5cc8b | RGB: 165, 204, 139 | HSB: 96, 32, 80 | CMYK: 19, 0, 31, 19


    Contrast and Accessibility

    Our color specs are being updated not only for visual and user-friendly trends but also to meet the ADA requirements. The charts below show the accessible color pairs that meet a contrast ratio of 4:5:1 ratio of 4:5:1

    BPS Palette

    GND for BPS Palette

    BPS Palette Chart

    Green New Deal for BPS Palette Chart


  • LOGO

    Our BPS Logo is a jumping child. The symbol is active and alive which is how we view our students across the district. Boston was the birthplace for public education and the work we are endeavoring to do here is transformative and meant to empower and inspire hope. We only use the simple child with the Boston Public Schools typography. We no longer use the Boston Public Schools logo with the Focus on Children as we decided not to use it as of 2017. 

    Any use of the Boston Public Schools logo on promotional materials not created and/or approved by the Boston Public Schools is not allowed without permission from the Boston Public Schools Communications Office.









    Our typography specs are being updated not only for visual and user-friendly trends but also to meet the ADA requirements.

    Typeface for Print

    Our main typefaces are Avenir and Avenir Next. These font families come in a wide range of weights for all purposes. Typefaces like Chalkduster and  Bradley Hand are secondary or decorative fonts to be used sparingly. Headlines should be prominent and limited to a small number of words. Body copy should be large enough to be legible with sufficient white space. Typestyles for content should be applied throughout the layout.

    Headline Font

    Body Font


    Typeface For Online

    We use Google web fonts for online typefaces. The advantage of using a web font from a delivery service like Google Fonts increases the percentage of success when the content is displayed across multiple types of devices and browsers. Montserrat (for headers) and Poppins (for body text) are font families that also come with a wide range of weights.

    Headline Font



    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * )

    This is FREE and available as a  Montserrat - Google Font

    Body Font



    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

    a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ( ! @ # $ % ^ & * )

    This is FREE and available as Poppins - Google Font




    Montserrat For Sub-Header - Medium (500)


    This paragraph contains example text using the regular Poppins font.


  • Editorial Standards

    We want to make sure communication is clear and concise at all times.
    This editorial guide has the purpose of helping the Boston Public Schools (BPS) offices, departments, and schools maintain a consistent and effective identity in the communications and publications they produce.

    Boston Public Schools

    The formal name is the Boston Public Schools; however, BPS is acceptable on first reference. If the acronym is used in the first reference, it must be spelled out in the second reference. The Boston Public Schools may also be referred to as “the district” (not capitalized) in subsequent references.

    Offices and Departments

    Capitalize the word “office” or “department” in the name of an office or department (e.g., the Office of Academic Services, the Office of Human Resources, the Special Education Department).

    Social Media

    It is important to create an atmosphere of trust and individual accountability when using social media. Keep in mind that information produced by BPS employees is a reflection on the entire district and is subject to the District’s Acceptable Use Policy. Personal postings, even if marked private, may also be subject to relevant BPS policies and procedures, as well as to relevant local, state, and federal laws. By accessing, creating or contributing to any blogs, wikis, podcasts or other social media for classroom or district use, you agree to abide by the social media guidelines.


    The Translation and Interpretation Department is able to translate key district and school-based documents and communications into multiple languages for public distribution in printed form and on the Internet. To ensure that communications in languages other than English are consistent and of high quality, schools and departments are encouraged to use the services provided by this department. The Department can also provide assistance in locating translation support for languages other than those mentioned above. Be sure to allow time for translations when planning your communications.


    Photography is a dynamic tool. It can be used to make information easier to understand or can be used to make a document more interesting and visually appealing. The photographs taken and utilized should convey the diversity, activities, and values of the district. Photographs should show natural, real-life people and activities. They should evoke positive emotions, atmosphere, and engage the audience while maintaining relevance to the content they support. Avoid using photographs with complex elements behind text, as they can often make reading difficult. In addition, be sure your photographs retain the proper dimensions if scaling to a smaller or larger size.

    Use of Student Images

    Students must have a current media release with their individual schools on file in order to publish a photograph of the student where the student is identifiable. If you have any questions on whether a student has a signed media release, please contact the school.



    You may choose either of the two templates below. Click on the link, and then choose 'file' and then 'make a copy' to save it to your Google Drive.  



    BPS Palette Chart

    Green New Deal for BPS Palette Chart