Racial Equity Planning Tool

Racial Equity Planning Tool Dashboard

  • The Racial Equity Planning Tool dashboard is an innovative solution that helps visualize and report the progress of the Boston Public School (BPS) system's racial equity efforts. The dashboard serves as a powerful tool for the external BPS community, leadership and central office members to gain intelligent insights into the equity efforts across all BPS initiatives. With its user-friendly interface and advanced data visualization capabilities, the dashboard allows users to easily monitor and track the effectiveness of various initiatives aimed at promoting equity and closing opportunity gaps across the BPS system. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analysis techniques, the racial equity planning tool dashboard empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions and take actions that drive positive change towards achieving racial equity and closing opportunity gaps across BPS.

REPIC - Racial Equity Planning Impact Committee

  • REPIC (Racial Equity Planning Impact Committee) serves a vital role in evaluating and scoring initiatives using the REPT Scoring Rubric, a comprehensive tool that breaks down all requirements necessary for successful planning through an equity and needs lens. Their diligent work provides internal stakeholders with valuable feedback, enabling them to engage with external stakeholders and incorporate their voices in the planning process. Through their expertise and insights, the REPIC helps to create an avenue for equity efforts and drives meaningful improvements in the organization. Their scores and feedback are instrumental in informing various departments in the central office, enabling them to make informed decisions and address any shortcomings. In short, the REPIC committee is a crucial component in achieving equity and inclusion as well as closing opportunity gaps across BPS.

REPT Scoring Rubric

  • The REPT scoring rubric is a comprehensive framework that outlines the criteria for planning any initiative across BPS. It serves as a translation tool for evaluating proposals by the REPIC committee, providing a clear and structured way to assess each proposal's merits and shortcomings in order to offer feedback to make our initiatives more impactful. The rubric covers All the individual questions/ criteria asked during the planning process from the REPT tool from Steps 1-6 as well as evaluating how groundbreaking those initiatives are. Its eloquent and concise design ensures that every aspect of a proposal is thoroughly evaluated, promoting fair and objective decision-making during the scoring process.

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