• Kindergarten

    Kindergarten (K2)

    K2 Kindergarten is a six-hour (full-day) program for 5-year olds and is provided in all BPS elementary schools and early learning centers. K2 programs are a critical part of a child's early school success. School assignment is guaranteed for all children who apply for K2. However, due to space constraints, including the reality that most K1 students matriculate into K2 seats in their same school, an assignment cannot be guaranteed to a specific school. Please be sure to inquire during School Choice season about the number of open seats, and please register in the month of January for the best chance at securing an assignment in a school of your choosing. This is called Round 1 registration. To register for K2, children must be five years old on or before September 1 of the school year for which they are registering. Click here to learn more about school registration.


    Get ready for your "Countdown to Kindergarten"

    Countdown to Kindergarten is a partnership among the BPS, City of Boston, and many community organizations that works to provide a positive and supportive transition into BPS kindergarten (K0, K1 or K2) for students and their families. The initiative offers free parent-child playgroups, provides readiness tips and opportunities, and hosts workshops and other transition activities. Pick up copies of their publications, available in many languages, at any Welcome Center, or call 617-635-9288, visit their Facebook page, or visit their website: www.countdowntokindergarten.org

    Important UPK Notes

    • All general education kindergarten students are guaranteed a seat through the highest grade of their assigned school, following the guidelines of our student assignment plan.
    • Exceptions cannot be made to our entry age policy, regardless of the child’s previous school experience.
    • State law states each child must attend school beginning in September of the calendar year in which the child turns six years old.
    • If you need a program for your three- or four year-old, you are encouraged to check out Head Start, Child Care Choices of Boston, and other preschool options. While the K1 program at BPS for 4-year-olds has expanded in recent years, assignment cannot be guaranteed.