• Family Child Care Registration 2023-24

    Apply for UPK at family child care providers 2023-24

    In an effort to make UPK accessible in more locations around the city and better serve families, UPK will be offered at family child care providers for the school year 2023-24.

    You can apply in two ways:

    1. Directly through the UPK-funded community provider. BPS works with 30+organizations and 50+site locations - who are independent organizations funded by the City of Boston - and the community provider can register the UPK student at their organization. Families can view their options here or see the map below.
    2. Online, you can apply in one place and rank your top three choices - Apply now here. When ranking your sites, you can list a mix of center-based and family family child care settings. The application questions are tailored to address the registration needs at both settings. 


    Please note that there is no geographic restriction for UPK at community-based providers, other than Boston residency. For example, a family can choose a community-based provider site close to work, another caregiver, or based on another convenience factor.


    In order to register a child for Universal Pre-K at Boston Public Schools or community-based providers, you must provide two documents verifying the child's address and one document verifying the child's age. If you are applying for UPK at a community-based provider, you will be asked to upload the documents into the application and enrollment platform (SchoolMint).


    Have questions about applying for UPK at a community provider, family child care provider or what happens next? Check the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Eligibility & Registration page here. If you would rather connect with someone on the Boston UPK team, you may contact the Boston UPK Office at 617-635-1507 or upk@bostonpublicschools.org.