• UPK Community Provider Registration 2023-24

    Apply for UPK at community-based providers for 2023-2024

    Update (March 1, 2023): Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-24 school year for UPK community-based providers. 

    You can apply in two ways:


    • Directly through the UPK-funded community provider. BPS works with 20+organizations and 30+site locations - who are independent organizations funded by the City of Boston - and the community provider can register the UPK student at their organization. Families can view their options here or see the map below. 

    • Online, you can apply in one place and rank your top three choices - Apply now here.

  • There is no geographic restriction for UPK at community-based providers, other than Boston residency. For example, a family can choose a community-based provider site close to work, another caregiver, or based on another convenience factor.

    In order to register a child for Universal Pre-K at Boston Public Schools or community-based providers, you must provide two documents verifying the child's address and one document verifying the child's age. If you are applying for UPK at a community-based provider, you will be asked to upload the documents into the application and enrollment platform (SchoolMint).

    Have questions about applying for UPK at a community provider or what happens next? Check the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Registration & Eligibility page here

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  • Prepare ahead of time: "What documents do I need to enroll?"