Teaching in Boston Public Schools

  • What We Look For in Our Candidates

    Boston Public Schools hires individuals with a strong commitment to public urban education and who drive student achievement.  We seek diverse candidates with experience teaching in urban schools, are bilingual, and hold dual certifications.

    At a minimum, candidates must:

    In particular, BPS has a number of High-Need Areas:
    • Special Education (Moderate and Severe)
    • Science
    • Mathematics
    • Early Childhood
    • English as a Second Language:  Learn more about the state's new RETELL initiative (applicable to ALL educators)

    District Priority Pools

    Applications submitted prior to March 1st will be considered for BPS Priority Pools, which give candidates opportunities to earn priority ratings visible to school leaders. All applications submitted prior to March 1st will be screened against BPS teacher competencies, giving applicants an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to serve Boston's students. This document serves as a "cheat sheet" for the District Priority Pool application process.


    Boston Public Schools requires teachers to be licensed by the state in the area they are teaching on the first day of school.
    To learn more about the state's requirement for licensure, please visit Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  If your license has been granted by another state, please apply for reciprocity when applying to a Boston Public Schools job.  
    To be granted your educator license from the state, you must pass the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL)


    The Boston Public Schools seeks to hire teachers according to the competencies required for success in serving students from a variety of backgrounds. These competencies are derived from the Massachusetts Standards and Indicators of Effective Teaching Practice.

    BPS Teacher Competencies