• Communications and Engagement: Communications from the Sumner School and district can come via different platforms.  Below are two of the most used platforms used by our school community. You can always reach out to your homeroom teacher for more information.

    TalkingPoints: TalkingPoints allows school staff to send SMS text messages to families in their preferred language. Communications from families to school staff are also automatically translated so families can message their teacher in whatever language they are most comfortable using and know their teacher will receive the message. Families do not need to sign-up for this tool -- if you provided a cell phone number during your student's registration with BPS, you are automatically enrolled in this program and will receive messages from the school and your student's teachers.  If you need to change your cell phone on record with BPS, please contact the school and they will help you update this information. TalkingPoints has also developed an optional, and free, Parent Mobile Application which you can use to receive messages, and bypass the texts. The Parent Mobile Application is also available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

    School Messenger: The Sumner School and Boston Public Schools District uses the SchoolMessenger app to broadcast messages through phone, email, and text messaging. Families can use the "Infocenter" to manage your communication preferences and read previous messages. For more information and to get started with the School Messenger app, please visit this page.

    Room Champions: The Sumner school is building a room champion program where parents/guardians can assist homeroom teachers with classroom communications related to class activities and events (non-confidential information only).  Room champions can also help amplify messages and events from the school family liaisons, specialists, Sumner School Family Council, and School Site Council. Room champions for each class will have unique opportunities to engage in activities supporting your child’s class, organize meetups for families outside of school and assist with volunteer efforts. Please contact Rosy Hosking (crhosking@gmail.com) to express your interest or for more information!