Systemic Improvement Plan

  • Children doing schoolworkThe Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), the City of Boston, and Boston Public Schools, together, outlined an agreement in June 2022 to strengthen District-wide processes by identifying systems and practices that will lead to positive results for our students. While BPS has made a lot of progress, persistent challenges remain. The City of Boston and BPS agree that urgent action must be taken to address the long-standing challenges facing BPS. 

  • The City of Boston and BPS agreed to undertake the following initiatives and to be held accountable for reaching the goals outlined in the systemic improvement plan. The initiatives are in the following areas:

    • Student Safety
    • Special Education
    • Transportation
    • Facilities
    • English Learners
    • Transformation Schools
    • Data
    • Accountability 

    Please see the full report attached here.  

    You will also find our Inclusive Education Plan here and our updated Office of Multilingual and Multicultural Education Plan here

Translated Copies of the Systemic Improvement Plan

Student Safety

  • Support the physical, social, and emotional well-being of students and ensure a safe school environment. 

Special Education

  • Undertake a deep redesign of BPS special education services, with policies, procedures, and training to ensure that all students learn in the least restrictive environment, and that all students, regardless of disability status, get the services they need. Building options for students in the least restrictive environment must be the foundation of special education in every school. BPS is committed to inclusionary practices that directly address disproportionate placement of students of color in substantially separate programs. 


  • Create a safe, effective, and responsive school transportation system, with immediate reforms to improve on-time school bus arrival rates and eliminate uncovered bus routes (i.e. bus routes that are scheduled but not run). 


  • Provide welcoming, safe, healthy, energy-efficient, and inspiring environments for students and educators that are conducive to teaching and learning. 

Transformation Schools

  • Improve teaching and learning in BPS's lowest performing schools.

English Learners

  • Provide high-quality services to all English learners, particularly English learners with disabilities, including rigorous, age-appropriate curricula, enrichment programs, and access to advanced coursework and dual language programs. 


  • Put in place the necessary systems and internal controls at the central office and school levels to ensure transparency and accurate data reporting. 


  • Establish enhanced accountability measures.