Community Equity Roundtable SY23-34

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    Dear BPS Family Member/Community Member/Partner, 

    Thank you for your patience as our team took time to recalibrate our district calendar to incorporate Community Equity Roundtables in this year's district-wide timeline of engagement. Your feedback is essential to the success of BPS plans and initiatives. We are pleased to announce that Superintendent Mary Skipper will kick off our first virtual Community Equity Round Table (CERT) Community of Practice for SY23/24 on Thursday, November 21, 2023 from 5 pm - 7pm via Zoom!  Superintendent Skipper and the C.E.R.T Team will share our re-imagined structure of facilitation and collaboration around BPS efforts of equity, inclusion, and belonging practices to accelerate achievement for all students. Our time together will be rooted in clear communication, co-creation, and co-collaboration around district initiatives for student impact.  Our guiding principles are as follows:   

    Our Guiding C.E.R.T. Principles

    • Advancing student equity: Commiting to achieve systems change so that advantage and disadvantage are not distributed on the basis of race, language, social class, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability/disability status, immigration status, country of origin, or religion.

    • Fostering an environment of co-creation: Committing to collaboration and teamwork involves BPS staff and the community working together to achieve a common goal, this includes accepting constructive feedback while respecting the thoughts of others for effective change. 

    • Practicing social consciousness and integrity: Committing to be socially conscious of how we operate, communicate, and collaborate around strategy to improve student outcomes. 

    • Committing to reliability: Commiting to follow through with promises and communicate changes to BPS and the greater BPS community.

    • Providing transparency: Committing to providing information on our district plans/initiatives and how their processes affect different schools and communities.

    • Leading thoughtfully: Committing to careful decision making and ensuring that our methods are focused on mitigating disproportionality.

    We invite you to join our C.E.R.T Community of Practice this year as a co-collaborator and co-designer of district initiatives. We will send the agenda prior to the meeting date.  Please feel free to email with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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