Summer Reading Together 2023

  • Summer Reading Together 2023 is sponsored by the Boston Public Library (BPL), Boston Public Schools, and WGBH.

    These booklists were compiled by librarians from BPL, the Departments of English Language Arts and Library Services, and ELA teachers from BPS. 

    Summer Reading Together engages students to share the experience of reading and talking about books they read over the summer when school begins. 

    To access books in an eBook format:

    1. Go to your Clever access and login
    2. Find the Sora App - It has a blue spaceship
    3. When Sora opens, click the Summer Reading Together 2023 banner and find your book.

    This initiative aims to prevent summer reading loss, encourage pleasure reading, and foster a culture of readers. Our focus is to motivate, engage, and cultivate a culture of readers.

Summer Reading Lists

  • Summer Reading List for Grades K-2

  • Summer Reading List for Grades 3-5

  • Summer Reading List for Grades 6-8

  • Summer Reading List for Grades 9-12

  • This summer, please enjoy at least two books from the lists above. You can read aloud to your child, invite your child to read to you or read together. Audiobooks and eBooks on Sora are available at the Boston Public Library (   

    As you are reading, please find ideas that stand out to you. You can also think about the following questions:


    • How are the characters feeling? What in the book tells you how the characters feel? 
    • Who is your favorite character in the story and why?
    • What connections can you make between your own life and the characters and situations in this book? What is different from your experiences?


    • Why is the topic of this book important or interesting to you? What would you want other people to know about this topic?
    • What new information are you learning?
    • What more do you want to learn about this topic? What in the text makes you want to learn more about this topic?

    Discuss your questions and reactions to the book. Consider making notes with Post-its or on a piece of paper as you read or share your thoughts in your way: a picture, bookmark, flip-book, padlet, Tik-Tok, Flipgrid. Share your creations with someone. Have fun reading across Boston in parks, on the Greenway, and along the Charles.

    In September, bring your book to school. Be prepared to discuss this with your school community. 

    Enjoy Boston Public Library’s Summer Reading Program. There are reading activities planned all summer long. Visit this site for more ideas.