• All students enrolled in the Extended School Year [ESY] will continue to be eligible for transportation as outlined in their IEP unless families choose to opt out for the summer. Students with door to door transportation will have door to door in ESY and students with corner transportation will either continue with corner transportation or walk to school if they are in the 'walk zone'.

    In order to support families, the Department of Transportation uses the Transportation Support Portal for families to enter and check the status of support tickets. This includes questions and transportation change requests.
    ***Please note: if you have opted out of transportation during the school year but would like transportation during ESY, you will need to fill out a ticket to opt in for ESY.

    Not sure how to fill out a ticket? Here's a step by step by guide on how to enter a ticket: Transportation Support Portal (Guide).

    Be sure to visit the nearest Welcome Center if your address is not up-to-date. The deadline to RSVP and complete address changes to ensure your child will have transportation at the start of ESY is Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

  • Need help filling out a support ticket? Call (617) 635-8599.

    Need support from the Department of Transportation? Call (617) 635-9520.