• The first part of this work will focus on stakeholder engagement. There will be opportunities starting this summer to share your ideas on this important project.  

    An Engagement Committee will be formed to lead this work. The community engagement they lead will take on different forms such as open forums and surveys and will focus on parents and voices that are historically under-represented. 

    This work will be guided by a BPS Advisory Group that will be responsible in the end for recommending a school funding model to the Superintendent and School Committee. This group will be informed by our parent and community engagement process alongside guidance from school leaders, local and national experts, and our consultant team.

    Please contact reimagineschoolfunding@bostonpublicschools.org with any questions or and check the News/Updates section to learn about upcoming opportunities to participate.

    Please also check out the "Meeting Resources" section to view past Steering Meeting presentations and meeting recordings

  • Resources from Community Engagement

    • Engagement Report

      • This preliminary report is the product of an initial set of 50 interviews with BPS community stakeholders (e.g., central office stakeholders, school leaders, and families that have historically been left out of funding decisions), as well as a scan of the official notes taken at BPS’ ESSER Listening Series, and Community Equity Roundtable (CERT) Meetings provided to the Afton and UPD consulting teams by BPS staff. The first iteration of this report provides high-level insights into the engagement learnings. The goals of this preliminary report are to share initial insights Afton and UPD have gathered with the Reimagine School Funding working groups, BPS staff, the school committee to inform their exploration into new and more equitable school funding policies. Information and insights from this report reflect the voice of the community and may not reflect the technical components of the funding policy. This report will be released in multiple stages to include additional, future community, parent, student, educator, and BPS staff engagement planned for the upcoming year.




    • ELL Task Force: Jun 8, 2023