• What is the REPT? 

    • The BPS Racial Equity Planning Tool lays out a clear six-step process to operationalize the commitment to ensure each decision we make is aimed at closing opportunity gaps and advancing racial equity. The toolkit presents resources to guide the development, implementation and evaluation of significant policies, initiatives, programs, professional development, instructional practices and budget decisions. Advancing equity requires ending individual, institutional, and structural racism and bias, and deliberately, thoroughly, and consistently applying a rigorous equity lens to our work.
    • To view the REPT Toolkit - CLICK LINK

    How will the REPT be used in the Reimagine School Funding Project? 

    • This project will be using the REPT to guide our equity focused goal for the reimagined school funding model. By keeping an equity lens on the work, BPS and Boston stakeholders will work together to design a new model that represents our collective ideals. 
    • The REPT plan for the “Reimagine School Funding” project is meant to act as a living document and the vision is for this document to be completed as the phases of associated work are designed and agreed upon by the Advisory committee.