• February 23: Request for Proposals (RFP) for an executive search firm is released

    March 2: School Committee votes on the membership and charge of a 9-person Search Committee

    March 9: Public listening session

    March 15: Public listening session for Spanish speakers

    March 22: Deadline for executive search firm RFP submissions

    March 23: Search Committee updates the School Committee and the public on takeaways from the first two listening sessions that will inform the Superintendent job description.

    March 24: Student listening session

    April 2: Public listening session

    Late March/early April: School Committee approves search firm
    April 6: School Committee approves the Superintendent's job description, and issues call for qualified applicants

    April-May: Search firm completes initial vetting and background checks on candidates; Search Committee reviews applications and selects candidates to interview in executive session, so as to preserve confidentiality of candidates. Following interview rounds, the Search Committee selects finalists for public presentation.

    Mid-June: School Committee announces final candidates and conducts public interviews

    June 29, 2022: School Committee votes on candidate to offer the position of Superintendent


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