Science Safety

  • The Boston Public Schools Science Safety Plan was developed to promote the safe instruction of science across the district. Included within this Plan are work practices, procedures, and policies developed to ensure that teachers, students, and other BPS personnel are protected from the adverse effects of potentially hazardous chemicals and substances. It identifies standard operating procedures, laboratory protective equipment, personal protective equipment, safe storage of chemicals, and waste management procedures. The Plan promotes a culture of safety in science and the safe operation of all science laboratories for students, faculty, and staff.

    We recommend that every science teacher (or teacher of science) read and follow the guidelines in the Plan so they are aware of their responsibility in assuring the safety of themselves, their students, and their school community. 

    All schools that store and use chemicals must have a Science Safety Coordinator (SSC). Among other responsibilities, this person is knowledgeable about the proper methods of storage, use, and disposal of chemicals, is in communication with school administration and the district, and keeps an up-to-date inventory of all chemicals in their building. Questions? Contact Joyce Bowen, HS Science Program Director.