Science Materials Center

  • Campbell Resource Center, 1216 Dorchester Avenue, 2nd Floor 

    (tel) 617-635-8750 | (email) | (hours) 7:30am-3:00pm and by appointment


    Science Materials Manager

    Kings Otubu

    Materials Technicians

    Dot Fitzgerald, Isrrael Intriago, and Felix Morales

  • Ordering Information for K-8 Units and Animals

    We are taking orders for SY24-25! 

    To order your K-8 kits, click here

    To order animals for K-8, click here.

    Not sure what to order: Reference the SY24-25 science instructional unit schedule here. (posted on or before 6/14/24)

    For general questions, please check out our FAQs document. If you still do not see the answer you were looking for, email our materials manager, Kings Otubu, at

  • Drop Off and Pick-Up Schedules

    The schedule is subject to change. A detailed schedule will be emailed out to teachers before the start of each window. Please have your kits ready to go the day before your scheduled pick-up. See below for a general idea of the drop off and pick up windows.

  • Fall 

    Drop Off: mid August - begin September


    Drop Off: end November - begin December

    Pick-Up: end December

  • Spring 

    Drop Off: begin to mid March

    Pick-Up: end March

    End of Year

    Final Pick-Up: mid to end June

  • How can you support our Instructional Materials Technicians? 

    Without instructional materials to engage our students, authentic hands-on science teaching and learning would come to a screeching halt. Our technicians work behind the scenes to refurbish every unit so they are like "new" when it arrives in your classroom. Please be considerate and re-package the materials with care -- they should come back used, but not abused.

    Our techs do their best to conserve materials. Messes take a long time to clean and usually mean something is damaged. We hope you understand taking a few moments to carefully prepare your units for return can help keep costs down and keep our techs safe!