Science Materials Center

  • Campbell Resource Center, 1216 Dorchester Avenue, 2nd Floor 

    (tel) 617-635-8750 | (email) | (hours) 7:30am-3:00pm and by appointment


    Science Materials Manager

    Kings Otubu

    Materials Technicians

    Dot Fitzgerald, Isrrael Intriago, and Felix Morales

  • Ordering Information for K-8 Units and Animals

    We are taking orders for SY22-23!

    To order your K-8 kits, click here

    To order animals for K-8, click here.

    To access the SY22-23 science instructional unit schedule and scope & sequence documents, click this link

    For general questions, please check out our FAQs document. If you still do not see the answer you were looking for, email our materials manager, Kings Otubu, at

  • Drop Off and Pick-Up Schedules

    The schedule is subject to change. A detailed schedule will be emailed out to teachers before the start of each window. Please have your kits ready to go the day before your scheduled pick-up. See below for a general idea of the drop off and pick up windows.

  • Fall 

    Drop Off: mid August - begin September


    Drop Off: end November - begin December

    Pick-Up: end December

  • Spring 

    Drop Off: begin to mid March

    Pick-Up: end March

    End of Year

    Final Pick-Up: mid to end June

  • How can you support our Instructional Materials Technicians? 

    Without instructional materials to engage our students, authentic hands-on science teaching and learning would come to a screeching halt. Our technicians work behind the scenes to refurbish every unit so they are like "new" when it arrives in your classroom. Please be considerate and re-package the materials with care -- they should come back used, but not abused.

    Our techs do their best to conserve materials. Messes take a long time to clean and usually mean something is damaged. We hope you understand taking a few moments to carefully prepare your units for return can help keep costs down and keep our techs safe!