• The Vision...

    ...of the Boston Public Schools Science, Technology & Engineering (STE) Department ensures that every student, from preschool through high school graduation, is provided with opportunities to actively engage in the science and engineering practices and to make sense of scientific phenomenon by using their observations and data through talking, reading, listening, and writing. Our students must explore science in their everyday lives and realize they are capable scientists and engineers, whether they pursue a career in these fields or not. Students varied cultural and linguistic experiences fill classrooms with a diversity of knowledge and skills. This diversity provides rich perspectives and are assets upon which new understandings can be built. Students must graduate ready to be critical consumers of science -- capable of analyzing data, critiquing arguments and participating in scientific discourse as citizens making informed decisions about the challenges that confront society.

    <excerpt adapted from BPS Essentials Aligned Science Instruction>

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  • Contact

    High School: Joyce Bowen, STE Program Director

    Grades 6-8: Marianne Dunne, Senior Project Coordinator 

    Grades 3-5: Nicole Guttenberg, PhD, STE Program Director

    K0-Grade 2: Molly Peters, STE Program Director

    Science Materials Manager: Kings Otubu

    General Questions about science materials and/or ordering: BPSScienceMaterials@bostonpublicschools.org or call: 617-635-8750


    NOTE 1: Video clip above highlights students from the Horace Mann School for the Deaf as they learn about the concept of erosion and discuss their observations. This video is used with permission. 

    NOTE 2: This site will remain static. Potential updates to the Science Materials Center pages and other pages as needed only.