iHealth At-Home Antigen Test

    • Free, voluntary, and confidential COVID-19 iHealth at-home antigen testing is available for students and school staff regardless of vaccination status.
    • We strongly encourage all students and staff to participate in the weekly at-home antigen testing program. The more people who test regularly, the better data we have.
  • Participation in at-home antigen testing program

  • Procedure for at-home COVID-19 testing

  • Test Administration

  • Reporting Test Result

  • Instructions for iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test:

  • STEP 1: SWAB

    Brush against the inner wall of both nostrils 5 times each in a circular motion with the enclosed nasal swab. 

    The swab only needs to be inserted ½ - ¾ inches.

  • STEP 2: DIP

    Insert the swab into the bottom of the tube and stir it in the fluid 15 times. 

    Squeeze the sides of the tube around the swab as you pull it out.


    If your test tube does not already have solution in it, carefully squeeze the solution into the tube.

  • STEP 3: DRIP

    Put 3 drops of the mixed solution from the tube onto the sample port of the COVID-19 test card.


    Start the timer. Your results will be ready in 15 minutes.

    If only the C line shows up, the test is negative. If both C and T lines show up, the test is positive.