EdPlan Connect: A Guide for Using the EdPlan Parent Portal

  • EdPlan Connect allows you to virtually access your child’s IEP or Section 504 Plan documents, service information, teacher of record information as well as apply your response and electronically sign the document(s).

    Notes on EdPlan Connect Access

    • At midnight following the day the Coordinator of Specialized Services proposes a plan for your student, if you are listed as the primary parent or guardian, you will receive an email with a link to the parent portal.
    • Additionally, you will receive a reminder email every 30 days following that initial message unil a response is entered.
    • The link sent to listed email address can be bookmarked, so that even after signing the proposed document, you can access your student’s educational information at any time.
    • If any changes to parent email or phone need to be made, please contact the Coordinator of Specialized Services at your child's school.

    Please see below to access a PDF copy of the EdPlan Connect Parent Portal User Guide along with the translated versions.


    EDPLAN CONNECT PARENT PORTAL USER GUIDE: English | Español | العربية | Cabo-Verdiano | 中文 | Français | Kreyòl Ayisyen | Português | Soomaali | Tiếng Việt