• In accordance with the Exam School Admissions Policy that was approved in July 2021, exam school invitations are distributed across eight tiers of census tracts grouped together based on socioeconomic factors.

    City-wide census tracts are redrawn every ten (10) years, allowing for potential splitting, combining, or boundary corrections. The updated exam school tier computation for the 2024-2025 school year relies on the 2020 Boston census data, which is the most recent census tract data and includes 206 tracts with school-age children.

    In total, one hundred twelve (112) tracts have the same tier compared to last year. Additionally, ninety-four (94) tracts changed tiers, with the shifts ranging from 0 to 3 tiers. These changes occurred because the 2024-2025 tiers use updated data from the 2022 American Community Survey (ACS) whereas the 2023-2024 tiers relied on 2020 ACS data.

  • What is a tier?

  • What is a census tract?

  • How are tiers calculated?

  • How does the admissions process work?

  • How do I know what tier I live in?