Special Education Program (MAPP)

  • 🧭 The Multiple Access Points Program (MAPP) serves students from ages 3 - 22 in various settings who require specific accommodations or adaptations to access the curriculum.

    🎒 Students served by MAPP are Deaf students with additional disabilities, such as DeafBlindness, autism, intellectual disabilities, language deprivation, and developmental delays. A number of the core MAPP teachers are also certified in special education.

  • 🏫 The most appropriate placements/ classes are determined by the IEP team, which depends on the needs of the individual student. This may be a substantially separate classroom, inclusion with deaf peers, consultation with specialists, one-on-one support.

    🎯 MAPP works towards readiness to mastery as directly related to development of necessary life skills including self-advocacy, personal, social, academic, and vocational competencies.

  • 🗺 MAPP strives to provide students with real life skills and opportunities to practice and apply those skills in the community through field trips, field training, work placement opportunities, and more.