• Thank you all for your participation in STEM Week 2021! Stay tuned for 2022.

  • 2021 Theme 1:

    “How can I improve the health of my city using STEAM?”

    We are asking students to choose a topic connected to Environment, Transportation, Food Security, Parks & Recreation, & Affordable Housing and to create a product that is a  proposal or solution they would pitch to officials from the city of Boston to advocate for change. The product could be in the form of a letter, poster, infographic, model or prototype, video, social media campaign, etc.


    2021 Theme 2 (Lego):

    “How do we improve how goods are delivered to our homes and businesses in the city?”

    Students will research Transportation and build a Lego structure that will improve the transport of cargo around Boston. 

    This will end with a 2 hr Virtual Lego Challenge with students presenting their products, learning about robotics professions, and learning about College level robots that are built here in MA.


2021 Events

2021 Kick Off Videos

2021 BPS Alumni Panelists

  • Clifford Freeman

  • Hannah Mei

  • Bea Mitchell

  • Sgardy Pena

  • Hassan Sakhta