• The Office of Youth Leadership works to elevate youth voice and leadership to increase shared decision-making practices at the school and district levels, by supporting school-based student governments and the student councils at the district and state level. 



    Student Engagement Organizational Chart

    BSAC Bylaws Summary

  • Student Government

    Every Boston public high school (including district schools, exam schools, and all alternative, pilot, and in-district charter schools) must have a functioning and engaged student government. Middle schools are also encouraged to have a student government. Student leaders in this body will represent their peers by serving as advisors, researchers, and participants in the decision-making process at the school and sometimes district level. Student government serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership.


    • Fully functioning student government/leadership group
    • Adult Advisor


    • School-based decision-making
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Community service hours


  • Boston Student Advisory Council

    The Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) is a body of high school student representatives across Boston Public Schools, who represent their high schools to the Boston School Committee in accordance with Mass. General Law Chapter 71 Section 38M. BSAC serves as the primary vehicle for student voice and engagement at the district level, keeping their respective schools informed about relevant citywide school issues. Student representatives also work to develop projects based on the interest, aspirations, and needs of students throughout the city. BSAC selects a single member to serve as the student representative on the Boston School Committee. BSAC also plays a vital role in advising the Superintendent, members of the cabinet, and other district and partner organization staff on policies, practices, and changes as it relates to the potential impact and outcomes for students.

    What’s the role of BSAC members?

    1. To represent his/her school at BSAC meetings and report back to his/her respective school
    2. To keep his/her school informed about relevant citywide issues
    3. To advise the school committee as part of its decision-making process
    4. To work on policies and projects that BSAC develops during the year

    BSAC Members:

    1. Are partners in developing the policy
    2. Advise the implementation of the policy
    3. Collaborate with other BPS departments to monitor the implementation
    4. Collaborate with BPS departments and CBOs to make any adjustments necessary to the policy


  • Greater Boston Student Regional Council/Student Advisory Council

    The Student Advisory Council (SAC) is a statewide organization of secondary school students elected by their fellow students. The SAC advises the Commissioner and Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and has voting representation on the State Board. There are five operating councils including the Greater Boston Regional Advisory Council (GBRSAC). By state law, every Massachusetts secondary school is entitled to elect two student representatives to the SAC.


    • 2 GBRSAC Representatives


    • Regional and State decision-making
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Community service hours
    • Opportunity to be a member of the State SAC
    • Opportunity to become the next student member with full voting rights on the Mass. Board of Education
    • Community service hours